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Completion of the Final Report:
“The Church as Community of Common Witness to the Kingdom of God” (2007)


The Church as Community of Common Witness to
the Kingdom of God

October 13-19, 2004 - Venice, Italy



Chapter I.
The Kingdom of God in Scripture and Tradition

1. The Biblical Teaching

1.1 The God of the Kingdom

1.2 The Kingdom as Future and Present, as Gift and Task

1.3 The Kingdom of God and its Cosmic and Eschatological Dimensions

1.4 The Kingdom of God and the Poor and Marginalized

1.5 The Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit and the Church

2. History and Tradition

2.1The Patristic Era and Afterwards

2.2 Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation

2.3 The Twentieth Century

3. Converging Theological Perspectives

Chapter II.
Witnessing to the Kingdom: Three Narratives from Different Contexts

1. Advocating Aboriginal Rights in Canada
2. Facing Apartheid in South Africa
3. Struggling for Peace in Northern Ireland

Chapter III.
Discerning God’s Will in the Service of the Kingdom

1. Discernment and the Holy Spirit
2. Common Sources for Discernment
3. Differences Between Reformed and Roman Catholics in the Use of Sources

4. Different Patterns of Discernment
5. The Functioning of These Patterns in Ecumenical Collaboration
6. Possibilities of Common Discernment and Witness

Chapter IV.
The Kingdom of God and the Church

1. Jesus, the Kingdom and the Church
2. Celebrating the Kingdom in Worship
3. Witnessing to the Kingdom in Word and Deed
4. The Kingdom of God as a Principle of Action
5. Deepening Our Common Understanding of the Church
5.1 The Church as Creation of the Word and Sacrament of Grace
in Light of the Kingdom

5.2 The Church in Relation to the Holy Spirit and Eschatology

Chapter V.
Dialogue and Common Witness

1. Ecumenical Dialogue as Common Witness
2. Dialogue as Reconciling Experience
3. The Healing of Memories and the Reconciliation of Communities

4. The Experience of Unity in Common Witness Today

5. Seeking Greater Common Witness Today

6. Unity in Faith and Action


The Theme of Kingdom of God in International Ecumenical Dialogue

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