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International Directory

1999 Revised 4th edition
Dr. Teresa Francesca Rossi, editor


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    Ecumenical Centers are arranged alphabetically by country. After listing addresses, telephone, fax, e-mail and web sites we have included the following information:

F: Year of foundation
A: Affiliation
N: Nature and scope of the Center
L: Library (with information on automation systems)
P: Publication

   The use of an asterisk (*) after the name of a center indicates that we know the entity exists but have not had response to our requests for updated information.


This 1999 edition of the International Directory of Ecumenical Research Centers has been prepared by the staff of the Centro Pro Unione in Rome under the editorship of Dr. Teresa Francesca Rossi.

Every center listed was individually contacted by mail and information sought a second time where necessary also by phone and e-mail. Those centers which we believe still exist but did not reply to our inquires are also indicated by an asterisk (*). This means that information concerning these centers may not be correct. All information included in this edition has been provided by the Centers themselves; we have only made uniform the material provided to us.

In general we have limited ourselves to those centers which engage in ecumenical (that is, interchurch) theological research. A few centers are included which are engaged in interreligious dialogue, although our primary interest is inter-Christian. As a general norm the centers (1) engage in research within the above indicated parameters as their principle activity; (2) have some kind of educational program; (3) have a library; (4) and a publication. Obviously not all of the centers have all four of these elements.

We wish to express our thanks to all those centers which cooperated with us in gathering this information. We welcome corrections and additions which will be added to this web site as they become available to us. We would also like to ask your help in obtaining information concerning those centers which did not respond to our questionnaire. This information may be sent to us by e-mail (pro@pro.urbe.it) by marking in the subject space "ecumenical directory up-date".

A printed edition of this International Directory which will contain additional material on ecumenical publications and ecumenical book series may be purchased from the Centro Pro Unione by sending orders to us via e-mail marking "Directory order" in the subject space or by post (Via Santa Maria dell'Anima, 30, I-00186 Rome, ITALY) or fax (+


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